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Erica Nance, MA, CPDT

Over the years, Erica has helped pet owners train their dogs and helped shelter dogs to find their people. With a Master's degree in Experimental Psychology specializing in Evolutionary Psychology, she uses her knowledge of both the human and the animal mind to make dog training effective, fun, and stress-free for everyone involved.

Before opening Dogs of Hudson, she owned and operated DogStar Dog Training and Behavior Consulting, teaching private lessons and group classes in Delaware County, New York. Prior to that, she worked as the Manager of Operations of the Animal Behavior Department at the ASPCA in New York City. Her duties overseeing the day to day operations of the department included evaluating the shelter dogs, supervising staff, counseling adopters, and implementing the shelter dogs' treatment protocols.

Erica has also taught group classes and private lessons under the employment of a well-known New York City dog training company and volunteered at the adoption centers at Animal Haven Animal Shelter, also in New York.

An enthusiast of clicker training, Erica is dedicated to using positive reinforcement with all her students: both human and animal.

Before her career with dogs, Erica, a Vassar College graduate, was employed in the mental health field. She shares her home with a rescued Husky named Nova, and her husband and young sons. The household is managed and directed by an 13 year-old Border Collie named Jack.

Dog training should be fun for dogs and people. Modern, humane methods of training make it just that.

We'll show you how to get your dog wanting to do what you want her to do. No more choke chains, yelling, coercion, pleading, or begging: just simple application of the principles of learning. Dogs are animals after all, and like us, their learning is subject to these laws. Let's take advantage of that and get happy compliance from our beloved beasts.

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