Hudson, NY dog training center right on Warren Street. Fun, effective training classes, gorgeous facility, retail, dog run. Highly trained staff help your dog be the best he or she can be.
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At Dogs of Hudson, we tailor our private lessons to your needs.

Jump up on you when you come home as though she hasn't seen you in a month?
Go bananas when guests come over?
Pull on the leash like a sled dog?
Go through the trash like he dropped his Rolex in there?
Chew your furniture while his toys lie untouched?
Loudly announce the passing of anyone or anything outside your window or door?
Chase the cat à la Tom and Jerry?
Run away when you're not looking, or worse, while you're shouting "come back here!"?
Beg for food like he's been starved for weeks even though he just ate?
Dig up the yard including the bulbs you painstakingly planted?
Act like she's being tortured when you try to clip her nails or brush her?

We can help. We'll give you tips to implement immediately which will help you have a better behaved dog tonight and provide you with a treament plan to effect lasting behavior change for the long term.

Greet you and your guests calmly and quietly, with all four feet on the floor (no more levitating!)
Walk politely by your side
Chew on his toys, not your shoes
Limit her barking when the doorbell rings
Come when called despite what's going on around him
Lie quietly on his bed while you eat dinner
Sit calmly while you cut her nails, clean her ears, comb out her fur

On a limited basis, following a preliminary consultation, we also treat:
Resource guarding (food aggression, object guarding, location guarding, etc)
Dog-dog aggression
Body handling issues
Aggression towards people
Separation anxiety
Thunder phobia

When you come to us with a fear or aggression problem, we'll tell you what it will take to fix or improve the problem, how many sessions it will require, and what you can expect from your dog when the training's complete. 

For more information, or to book a private lesson,
call (518) 821-8515.

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